Nigeria achieves significant progress in anti-drug campaign


Nigeria has made significant progress in its campaign to combat and control drugs following recent arrests of drug traffickers and confiscation of assorted illicit drugs across the country, an official said here on Thursday.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)’s key efforts this year had centered around clamping down on drug traffickers, paving the way for a drug-free Nigeria, Muhammed Buba Marwa, chairman of the agency, said at a press conference.

From January 25, more than 2.7 million kg of assorted illicit drugs have been seized, the official said, adding the NDLEA had filed over 5,000 drug-related cases in court, and as many as 9,355 drug traffickers, including drug barons, were arrested by the anti-drug police in the West African country.

In addition, a total of 5,579 drug users were also counseled and rehabilitated by the NDLEA.

“With our modest achievements in 10 months, it is now clear to Nigerians that a drug-free Nigeria is possible,” said Marwa, a retired army general.

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