Guinea military leader names figures from ousted administration as ministers


Guinea’s coup leaders have named their first line-up of government ministers, including a former general and three other figures who held posts under ousted president Alpha Conde.

The military has repeatedly tried to reassure investors, donors and regional powers, saying the overthrow of Conde was a one-off action to get rid of what it called a corrupt elite, and that it has no plans to stay in office.

Former army officer Aboubacar Sidiki Camara was named transitional minister of defense, a spokesperson for the military junta said on state TV late on Thursday.

Camara previously served as chief of staff in Conde’s defense ministry and, after that, as Guinea’s ambassador to Cuba.

Bachir Diallo, a former defence attaché based in Algeria, was named security minister, and Louhopou Lamah, a former foreign trade director, was named environment minister.

Abdourahmane Sikhé Camara was named Secretary-General of the Government. He had previously served as an adviser to the position.

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