Algeria arrests 17 separatist suspects for plotting armed operations


Algerian police said on Wednesday that it arrested 17 suspects belonging to a separatist group listed by the government as a terrorist organization, state-run ENTV channel reported.

The 17 suspects from the Movement for Self-determination of Kabylie (MAK) were arrested in provinces near the capital Algiers for plotting criminal acts targeting homeland security, ENTV said, quoting a statement of the National Security Department.

The collected evidence and the suspects’ confessions revealed that MAK members were in constant contact with foreign forces through cyberspace, operating under the cover of Zionist civil society organizations based in a North African country, it added.

At the suspects’ homes, the police seized weapons and military equipment, banners and leaflets praising the MAK as well as documents providing contacts with Israeli organizations, according to ENTV.

Algeria declared the France-based MAK a terrorist organization last year. MAK seeks independence of the Berber-speaking Kabylie region in northern Algeria.


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