11 die in illegal gold mining in Angola’s Huambo province in past 3 months

Map of Angola. CGTN

At least 11 people have died over the past three months in central Angola’s Huambo province due to illegal mining, especially gold, local police announced here Saturday.

Huambo Provincial commander of the national police, commissioner Francisco Ribas told the press that the deaths occurred in the municipalities of Bailundo, Ucuma, Chinjenje, Longonjo, Caala, Chicala-Cholohanga and Huambo.

The official explained that this part of the country is home to at least seven areas of artisanal gold mining.

Ribas said that in just three of the locations “the number of illegal miners reaches 2,000 people.”

The national police department in Huambo province will work to discourage illegal mining and avoid deaths, said Ribas.