WHO: Only 13 African countries have reached COVID-19 vaccination target

The vaccines will be given as second doses to those who had received their first shots. /CFP Image

The World Health Organization (WHO) African region has announced that only 13 African countries have reached the COVID-19 vaccination target.

WHO’s target has been to have countries fully vaccinate more than 10 percent of their population against COVID-19 by the end of September, 2021.

The countries include Seychelles that has vaccinated 72 percent of its population, Mauritius with 55 percent vaccinated, Morocco with 44 percent and Tunisia with 21 percent of its people vaccinated against COVID-19.

Others that are below 20 percent include Comoros: 18 percent, Cabo Verde: 18 percent, Eswatini: 16 percent, Lesotho: 15 percent, Botswana: 13 percent, Zimbabwe: 13 percent, South Africa: 12 percent, Mauritania: 12 percent and Equatorial Guinea: 11 percent.

“Crippling vaccine supply shortages have slowed down many countries in the region,” the WHO said in a statement.