France charges suspect over Rwanda genocide


70-year-old, Rwandan-born Isaak Kamali, a naturalized French citizen who has been on France’s judicial radar since 2009, has been charged with “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”.

The prosecutor, in a statement, said Kamali is accused of “involvement in the genocide of Tutsis committed in 1994 in Rwanda”.

Kamali, who hails from central Rwanda, was employed at the ministry of transport during the genocide, which took place between April and July of 1994.

The French prosecutor said that the suspect disputed the charges against him during his first appearance before a French judge.

Kamali was condemned to death, in absentia, by a court in Rwanda in 2003, but this sentenced was later “annulled” due to changes in Rwandan law, according to a French-based victims’ association, the Collective of Civil Plaintiffs for Rwanda (CPCR).

He is still wanted by Rwandan justice but France has so far refused to extradite him.

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