Guinea media report on the military coup

Guinea soldiers patrol outside the venue where Guinea’s Junta President Col. Mamady Doumbouya is meeting with the ECOWAS delegation in Conakry, Guinea Friday, Sept. 10, 2021. /AP

The military coup in Guinea that overthrew president Alpha Conde on September 5 has completely dominated media coverage in the West African country.

Guinean radio and television broadcasting companies were the first to break the story and have been covering the events nonstop.

“As soon as we learned that there was shooting in the vicinity of the presidential palace, we put an alert team in place as the situation was a bit confusing,” said Conakry-based Djoma Media Managing Director, Aboubacar Cone. “When the CNRD president made a statement on social media, we quickly hired a team and figured if his statement was true then he would head over to national television to make another announcement.”


Most reporters on the ground in Guinea say while the situation is challenging and tense, so far, the military leaders currently in charge of the country have allowed the press to do their jobs.