Uganda COVID-19 cases deaths dropping

A nurse draws a vaccine dose at a health center in Kampala, Uganda, on March 10, 2021. (Photo by Luke Dray / Getty Images via CFP)
A nurse draws a vaccine dose at a health center in Kampala, Uganda. / Getty Images via CFP)

The reported number of COVID-19 cases in Uganda has dropped by 10 percent in the last seven days despite reports of the spike in infections in a few districts.

Statistics from the Uganda Ministry of Health indicate that between September 3 and September 9, a total of 830 cases of COVID-19 infections were reported after 24,460 samples were tested.

This was lower than the 922 cases reported between August 27 and September 2 when a slightly lower number of samples, 23,850, were tested.

Similarly, the positivity rate for samples tested declined from 3.4 percent between September 3-9 to 3.3 percent between August 27 and September 2.

The notable decline in cases and positivity rate comes amid pronouncements by the Ministry of Health that some districts are experiencing a spike in infections.“In the past three weeks, we have registered pockets of intense transmission in several hotspots.

The threats that the country is headed for a severe third wave have been central in delaying the reopening of schools, places of worship, and other sectors.

The country has endured two nationwide lockdowns and the measures have not been completely lifted.

Dr. Henry Kajumbula, the head of infection control and prevention in the scientific advisory committee on COVID-19, said although the numbers are few, the threat of the third wave is still imminent.

“The data is not capturing those being tested using rapid antigen diagnostic kits. We are majorly using data for those tested using PCR,” he said. Rapid antigen kits are being used in hospitals across the country.

Dr. Monica Musenero, the senior presidential adviser on epidemics, told this newspaper last week that the pockets of infections are signals of the COVID-19 third wave.

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients have been fluctuating around 356-449. It increased from 356 on August 27 to 449 on August 31 before declining to 438 on September 2.

In the last seven days starting September 3, it was still at 438 and continued to decline to 430 before rising again to 449 and then dropping to 417 as of September 9.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 last year, the virus has killed 3,092 people. Up to 417 are struggling for their lives in hospitals while about 24,000 are undergoing home-based care. The virus has so far infected 121,296 people.

The number of deaths between September 3-9 was 51, which was lower than 56 deaths reported in the previous seven days stretching from August 27 to September 2. The Health Ministry yesterday urged Ugandans to be vigilant, get vaccinated, and be vocal in sharing correct and verified information to “reduce the chances of entering a third COVID-19 wave.


Original article published by Uganda Daily Monitor