Kenya launches mobile application to boost disaster management

A resident uses a Nokia Oyj mobile phone in Nairobi, Kenya, on Sunday, April 14, 2013. In the six years since Kenya's M-Pesa brought banking-by-phone to Africa, the service has grown from a novelty to a bona fide payment network. Photographer: Trevor Snapp/Bloomberg/ Getty Images

Kenya on Tuesday launched a mobile application that will boost disaster management in the country, a government official said.

Evangeline Njoka, CEO of Kenya National Commission for United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization said that the Artificial Intelligence for disaster risk reduction chatbot mobile application will enable real time reporting of calamities to enable first responders to save lives.

“Climate change is likely to increase the frequency of disasters and this calls for measures and real-time interventions through use of appropriate tools and technology to reduce human suffering,” Njoka said in a statement.

She observed that the adoption of new technologies such as artificial intelligence to solve emerging problems and tragedies is timely and is now widely adopted.

Njoka added that due to climate change, Kenya is increasingly at risk of events such as landslides, thunderstorms, floods and droughts.

She urged organizations involved in disaster risk management to embrace the AI chatbot mobile application so as to revolutionize disaster response in the country.