Namibia offers amnesty to illegal gun owners


Namibia offered one month of amnesty to country folk as well foreign nationals in the country in possession of unregistered arms, Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security Albert Kawana announced.

Speaking on the amnesty day on Tuesday which is enshrined in the African Union agenda for silencing guns in the continent, Kawana said all people in Namibia, regardless of their residence status, are hereby called upon to surrender their unlicensed firearms, armaments or ammunition held in contravention of the law.

According to Kawana, any person who complies with this call will be exempted from prosecution, during the amnesty month, starting September 1 to 30, 2021.

“After the expiry of the amnesty period, the police will show no mercy in apprehending those who are in possession of unlicensed firearms, armaments or ammunition. We will ensure that they are successfully prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned,” he warned. “Namibia must continue to be a beacon of peace, safety and security. Therefore, the initiative is aimed at achieving this objective.

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