Tanzania tightens COVID-19 restriction measures

Tanzania's Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Prof. Abel Makubi announces tight COVID-19 restriction measures Source: Tanzania's Health Ministry

Tanzania’s health ministry has tightened its COVID-19 restriction measures with an aim of averting the spread of the disease in the country.

Tanzania’s Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Prof. Abel Makubi said the measures will not affect the economic activities in the country.

In the new set of measures, bus stations, bars, hotels, wedding venues, salons, barber shops, among other places of social gatherings have been asked to always check people’s temperatures using thermal scanners.

Emphasis has also been made on washing of hands or using hand sanitizers while in any of the above-mentioned places.

Passengers in Public Service Vehicles have been asked to have their masks on at all times except for children under the age of 8 years.

Churches have also been asked to ensure their congregants have their masks on and maintain social distancing (a space of more than 1 metre).

The elderly, children and those with any underlying health conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer) have been urged to avoid church gatherings with a lot of people and observe all COVID-19 restriction measures.

The Church services should not exceed 2 hours.

Tanzanians have also been urged to order take away services to avoid crowding in bars, hotels and other places.

Weddings should be held in open-air grounds, if indoors, they should not be held for too long and those present should adhere to social distancing.

Those seeking outpatient services in health care facilities and that are not in need of emergency services are urged to book appointments to avoid crowding in the facilities.

Those visiting patients should not exceed 2 people at a time, all wearing masks. Visits should not exceed 30 minutes.

The Ministry of Health also announced that COVID-19 tests will be made to all new inmates in prisons.

A directive has also been made to speed up bail applications of qualified suspects to help tackle crowding.

Visits for inmates have been restricted to only one person at a set day of the week.


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