Rwanda’s government announces five-day extension of COVID-19 lockdown


Rwanda’s government on Sunday announced a five-day extension of COVID-19 restrictions starting July 27, aimed at containing further spread of the virus.

The East African country went into a lockdown in the capital Kigali and eight other districts for 10 days from July 17 amid a spike in daily new infections.

The current restrictions prohibit the public from leaving their homes except for essential services, prohibit the use of public transport except for the transportation of people who “carry out” essential services and also prohibit the operations of motorcycles and bicycles.

Outdoor sports and recreational activities are also prohibited, and schools and higher education institutions remain closed.

Passengers arriving into the country are required to produce a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours before departure.

By Sunday, Rwanda had reported 62,328 COVID-19 infections with 727 deaths.

Apart from the restrictions imposed by the government, a nationwide vaccination campaign is also currently underway. So far, 425,387 people have been fully vaccinated.