Namibian people appreciate 13th batch of Chinese medical team service


The people of Namibia have lauded the outgoing 13th batch of the Chinese medical team at the Acupuncture Department at the Katutura State Hospital in the national capital of Windhoek for better health.

The team delivered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services treating diseases such as body pain, chronic issues, muscle and joint pains, paralysis, and migraine at the department between January 2020 and July this year.

Mina Kazapua, a resident of Windhoek, said she brought more than three family members to the department, all of whom showed impressive improvement in their health.

“I experienced it first-hand. The Chinese doctors left a mark on the hearts of many people they treated in Namibia,” according to Kazapua.

The team’s timely and caring delivery of TCM has also contributed to locals’ quality of life and mobility.

Martin Indongo from Windhoek turned to acupuncture following severe backache and pain in the leg and foot.

“At a time in life, I had given up hope. But acupuncture has had such a good effect on me. I can only thank the Chinese doctors for giving me hope again,” said 54 years old patient Indongo.

While 46 years old, Idda Haufiku, who came for acupuncture following testimonials she heard from others, emphasized that Chinese medics’ dedication and beneficial results of acupuncture treatment have won over her heart.

“My head and neck were in pain, but the TCM treatment helped. I can see a change. So I hope that if I continue to get good results,” Haufiku said.

Moreover, for Haufiku, the team performed miraculous work, evident in the testimonies of better health, seen by locals as a second chance in life.

“Even people who got injured from car accidents were also helped here. Some came on wheelchairs, but after the treatment, they were able to walk on their own,” Haufiku added.

Apart from treating patients, the team also undertook a skills exchange program to build the capacity of intern doctors at the University of Namibia’s School of Medicine.

The team also contributed significantly to the COVID-19 pandemic fight, donating ant-epidemic materials to the hospital in April this year in an effort to fight against COVID-19.

“You uplifted the level of service in our hospital,” said Dr. Nelago Amagulu, the medical superintendent at Katutura State Hospital.

Meanwhile, the Namibian government also commended the team for the diligent and professional service provided by the Chinese medical team.

Kalumbi Shangula, minister of Health and Social Services, said that the knowledge and skills of the medical team have also greatly contributed to the government’s efforts in accelerating health access, ensuring the health and well-being of the nation.

“One of the consistent and much-valued support over the years came through the Chinese medical teams. Now that the term of the team from Zhejiang province has come to an end, allow me to express my sincerest appreciation to the team for the services rendered to the Namibian people,” Shangula said.

Namibian Founding President Sam Nujoma said that the sustained quality service delivered by the 13th batch of the Chinese medical team further cements China-Namibia ties.

“The People’s Republic of China is indeed Namibia’s all weathered friend,” Nujoma added.

Fang Lianqiang, medical team leader of the outgoing 13th batch, said the team treated more than 7,000 locals from across Namibia during the 18 months of service.

“It makes one happy to impact the lives of others positively through health,” Fang said.

Since 1996, a team of traditional Chinese medical practitioners has been stationed in Windhoek as part of the collaborative medical programs between China and Namibia.

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