Police ban carrying of traditional weapons in Zimbabwe’s capital amid spike in violent crimes

Map of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean police have banned the carrying of traditional weapons that may cause public disorder or breach of peace in the capital Harare for the next three months following an increase in violent crimes.

Harare provincial police spokesperson Tendai Mwanza said Monday that among the prohibited weapons are catapults, machetes, axes, knobkerries, swords, knives, stones, daggers and any traditional weapon that would cause public disorder or breach of peace.

Mwanza said violent crimes were rife in such districts as Harare central, Harare Suburban, Mbare, Harare South and Chitungwiza.

“The belief is informed by an escalation in violent crimes such as murder, assault, armed robbery and rape in the five police districts.

“We, therefore, want to safeguard peace in our communities and get rid of marauding criminals. The orders, therefore, prohibit the carrying of such weapons within the said police districts for a period of three months, that is, from July 15 to October 15,” Mwanza said.

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