8 kidnapped by gunmen at NW Nigerian hospital

Reports suggest that the shooters fired at random, killing some at close-range during the early morning ambush of Rivers state. Image courtesy: Guardian Nigeria

Nigerian police on Monday confirmed eight persons were kidnapped after a group of gunmen attacked a hospital in northwest Nigeria’s Kaduna state on Sunday.

In a statement on Monday, Muhammed Jalige, a spokesman for Kaduna police, said a group of gunmen attacked in the early hours of Sunday the National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy located in Zaria, a town in the northern state of Kaduna, and “eight persons were kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination.”

While at the same time another group of gunmen in large number attempted to attack a police station in the same town, said Jalige.

“In an attempt to overrun the officers on duty, the gunmen met stiff resistance, as there was heavy exchange of fire between them and the police personnel on duty,” he said, adding the gunmen attack was repelled by the police.

The police are intensifying efforts to rescue the kidnapped victims, he said.

There have been a series of gunmen attacks in Nigeria in recent months, leading to deaths and kidnappings.

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