TALK AFRICA: Communist Party of China centenary

The Communist Party of China or CPC celebrates its 100 year anniversary this month, having had many significant achievements over the last century. The CPC has been central to China’s extraordinary development over the last hundred years, including creating a participatory form of governance driven by people-centered policies.

The CPC has also enabled the country to grow into the world’s second-largest economy and the first developing country to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on poverty eradication. In addition to its domestic achievements, China’s policy of reform and opening-up has led to a strengthening of bilateral relationships.

China has partnered with African countries in many areas.  One of the most visible has been in building bridges, roads, and railways across the continent, to aid in Africa’s infrastructure development.

In this special edition of the Program, we look at some of the achievements of the Communist Party of China over the last century; and how China’s relationship with Africa has continued to strengthen over time.