Ugandan government bans using oxygen at home

Medical oxygen is already low in hospitals at the new epicenter of the country’s outbreak,
Medical oxygen is already low in hospitals at the new epicenter of the country’s outbreak,

The government has warned health workers and caregivers against administering oxygen to COVID-19 patients while at home or other undesignated places.

This comes as the country battles the second wave of the pandemic which has seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and demand for oxygen.

“The public is urged to desist from this dangerous practice with immediate effect. Furthermore, health workers … administering oxygen in undesignated hospitals should immediately stop this malpractice,” Dr. Henry Mwebesa, the director-general of Health Services, said in a June 18 statement.

Dr. Mwebesa said oxygen is a Class A medical supply required to be monitored and regulated by a trained health worker upon proper prescription by qualified medical personnel.

He observed that a haphazard oxygen administration, particularly in homes of those with means to afford, has resulted in the deterioration of patients who cannot be helped when rushed to hospitals as an after-thought at the last minute.

“The public should note this is very dangerous to the lives of their patients and the entire household where such administration is taking place,” Dr. Mwebesa said.

He added: “… a number of patients are deteriorating because of receiving either lower or higher oxygen doses as the different severity levels may demand. We are even not sure whether or not the oxygen being used is medical oxygen or industrial oxygen and not every Covid-19 positive patient requires oxygen therapy.”

Oxygen abuse can be toxic to vital body organs including the brain, according to experts.
Other problems associated with misuse of oxygen, which is highly flammable, are possible explosion and fire, or overdose and or under – all of which can lead to death.

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