Uganda says its COVID-19 deaths will be reported in real time


Uganda’s Health Ministry has stated that moving forward, COVID-19 deaths will be reported in real time as confirmed or probable COVID-19 deaths.

Dr. Olaro Charles, Director General Health Services clarified that this will be done forward (June 13) and not retrospectively for the non-classified COVID-19 related deaths.

“When this is done, there will be a readjustment of deaths and we shall report accordingly.” Dr. Olaro stated.

This has been necessitated by concerns from the Ugandan population, regarding the delayed reporting and notification of COVID-19 and COVID-19 related deaths.

“This has in turn caused discomfort from the general population, family members of the deceased and the health workers managing the patients in the various treatment centers across the country. This is highly regretted.” The ministry stated.

Further explaining that, COVID-19 diagnosis is principally using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and antigen (Rapid Diagnostic Tests) RDTs.

However, given different biological processes: timings, technique, storage, and transportation of the COVID-19 sample, including when the suspected patient accesses the health facility and is instituted in care, the presence of the virus may not be detected at the time (by PCR and Antigen RDTs)

Uganda’s Ministry of Health reports that the country has thus far recorded 61,977 positive coronavirus cases and 428 deaths.

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