Ethiopian PM inaugurates Chinese-built project

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali said, a time of crisis like this, the effort and contribution of each individual is paramount./Photo by office of the PM Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurated a Chinese-contracted mega development project in downtown Addis Ababa on Sunday, with former President Mulatu Teshome, senior government officials, and representatives of diplomatic missions witnessing it.

“Congratulations as we inaugurated the Meskel Square project, which is an integral part of our life and history,” Ahmed said. “The project was built in a way that fits our country’s dream and aspirations,” he said at the event, attended by representatives of the Chinese contractor for the project China Communications Construction Company.

Ahmed stressed that Meskel Square could be seen as a model development project for ongoing and upcoming similar mega projects in the capital and throughout the East African country.

The state-of-the-art Meskel Square project incorporates an underground parking lot enough to accommodate about 1,400 vehicles, six LED advertising screens, shops and office centers, among others.

Adanech Abiebie, deputy mayor of Addis Ababa, noting the successful completion of the project within a short period of time, commended the Chinese contractor for its work.

The Meskel Square project signifies the Ethiopian government’s commitment to delivering mega-projects both in terms of quality and time, she said.

The Meskel Square project is the latest addition to a number of mega-development projects that are underway across the capital, most of which are undertaken by Chinese companies, such as a 56 km riverside rehabilitation project dubbed Beautifying Sheger.

The East African country recently inaugurated a landmark recreational avenue, dubbed Friendship Square, which is also part of Beautifying Sheger.

The Friendship Square project was also built by China Communications Construction Company in under a year.

The Beautifying Sheger project, along with a number of other mega projects, is initiated by Prime Minister Ahmed, who envisions creating a clean and livable environment for more than 5 million residents of Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa also hosts the headquarters of the African Union, the UN Economic Commission for Africa as well as more than 100 diplomatic missions.