Somali army kills 19 Al-Shabaab terrorists

Brigadier General Odowa Yusuf Rageh, Somali Army Chief promotes officers, soldiers for showing exemplary courage in the face of deadly Al-Shabaab attacks in the Lower Shabelle region. Source: Abdulaziz Billow Ali, CGTN Africa

The Somali National Army killed 19 members of terrorist group of Al-Shabaab and burned two vehicles after the terrorist group attempted to attack the army base in Deynunay, near Baidoa town of Bay region on Wednesday.

Somali National News Agency reports that the SNA commanders on the ground stated that terrorists suffered a huge loss in their attempt.

Earlier, the State Agency reported that the army and Hirshabelle Police arrested a senior Al-shabaab local leader after a joint operation in War Isse and Aqab Duco villages near Jowhar.

SNA offensive operations in Hirshaballe left 130 terrorists dead.

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