TALK AFRICA: Making Africa’s roads safer


Over 1.3 million people die from road accidents every year; that is an average of 1 life lost every 24 seconds! And according to the World Health Organisation, Africa’s roads are some of the deadliest. The WHO reports that Africa’s rate of road fatalities triples that of Europe and the problem is greatly contributed to by speeding on urban roads.

As the United Nations marks the 6th Global Road Safety Week this month, its agencies are pushing policymakers to lower speed limits in urban areas, as the world strives to halve road accidents by the year 2030.

So is this new push for the lowering of speed limits achievable? What are the other problems contributing to the lack of safety on Africa’s roads? And how can the continent’s roads be made safer?

CGTN’s Beatrice Marshall engaged Janene Tuniz – Coordinator for Share the Road Programme at the Sustainable Mobility Unit of the UN Environment Programme, Layton Beard-Spokesperson for The Automobile Association of South Africa, and Olusegun Ogungbemide-Lagos’ Sector Commander for the Federal Road Safety Corps to get a broader perspective on this. TAKE A LOOK.



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