Mozambique unveils 29 key biodiversity areas on Endangered Species Day

Mozambique unveiled 29 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) that contribute to the resilience of natural systems in the country on Friday, which was also marked as the Endangered Species Day.

The mapped areas, 25 on land and 4 in the sea, occupy about 140,000 square kilometers in total and are pointed as key for the improvement and health of populations who depend on biodiversity-related income generation, according to the information revealed at the ceremony in Maputo.

“With their identification, Mozambique becomes the first country in the world to apply the new global standard of the International Union of Nature Conservation to all its territory. That standard allows the identification of the main planet locations for species and their habitats,” said the country’s Minister of Land and Environment Iveth Maibasse at the event.

The identification and mapping of the 29 KBAs was conducted by the Mozambican Ministry of Land and Environment with the partnership of the NGO Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and the support from USAID.

The initiative was launched at a time when Mozambique has almost 500 endangered species, ranking 7th in the sub-Saharan region and 30th in the world.