Cameroon sets fire to illegal weapons in anti-terrorism fight

Cameroon destroyed some illegal firearms by fire on Wednesday as part of efforts to fight crimes and eliminate threats from terrorism in the Central African nation.

The burning destroyed weapons confiscated by defense and security forces and voluntarily surrendered by former Boko Haram terrorists and ex-separatist fighters, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute said during the ceremony held in Buea, the chief town of the country’s Southwest region.

This ceremony is an illustration of Cameroon’s willingness to remain in peace, Ngute said in a speech before the weapons were set ablaze.

“The flames should be seen as a sign of hope, hope for a Cameroon where weapons are only held by those legally entitled to hold them. The hope of a peaceful, united and prosperous Cameroon in its wonderful diversity,” he said during the ceremony heavily attended by members of the diplomatic corps and representatives of the United Nations and African Union.

Cameroon is facing security challenges in its English-speaking regions where separatist fighters want to create an independent nation, and in the Far North region where Boko Haram continues to carry out assaults on civilians and government forces.

Ngute said the government was finalizing plans with bilateral and multilateral partners to facilitate the reconstruction and development of the regions that have suffered the adverse impacts of violence.