UK firm to set up £30 million solar project in Zimbabwe: envoy

grouping of photovoltaic solar panels on rooftop

Zimbabwe’s energy sector is set to receive a boost following an announcement by the British envoy to the southern African nation that a British company was prepared to establish a £30 million solar plant there.

FILE PHOTO: A grouping of photovoltaic solar panels on rooftop. (Getty Images)

“There is a British company that wants to invest £30 million in renewable energy, in solar in Zimbabwe,” Melanie Robinson said.

According to the state-owned Herald newspaper, the company is reportedly waiting for a few issues to be resolved, including a power purchase agreement.

Robinson, the Herald reported, said the successful tender to work with the British investor will be selected through an auction.

“We also need to get the policy framework right and investments will come,” she said. “That is the advice I am giving you.”

Robinson, however, expressed concern that there had been a significant increase in the demand of other non-renewable energy sources, like coal, at the expense of renewable energy.

“Climate change is also being felt in Zimbabwe even though we know that most of the pollution is coming from the developed world,” she noted.

“The UK is hosting the COP26 later this year to try to avoid the worst impact on climate change.”

Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Larry Mavima, who met with Robinson, said there is land available for the construction of renewable energy plants, not only in that region but across the country.

“In Lower Gweru, there will be a 100MW plant and also at Munyati and we have other projects that will be taking shape under local authorities,” he said.

“The land we have for FDIs and of course IPPs, power purchase agreements should be there.”