UN condemns attacks against aid workers in South Sudan

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN - FEBRUARY 25: The now destroyed tent camp areas in the UN Protection of Civilian sites in Malakal in the northern conflict zone of South Sudan. This vast and crowded camp was attacked just over a week ago by armed gunmen who killed 25 and injured over 100 more. Some are returning to the charred site to retrieve anything that might have survived the blaze in February 17-18. The attackers burnt down over a third of the campas well as water towers, latrines, a UNICEF school and IOM medical clinic. Around 5,000 Shilooks (one of the three main ethnic tribes) were led out and are now at various locations around the now ruined town of Malakal- now creating very difficult logistics for the UN and various other aid agencies on the ground in the area. (Photo by Giles Clarke/Getty Images)

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) has condemned the recent violent attacks against aid workers in South Sudan, and urged authorities & communities to guarantee their safety.

UNOCHA reports that on 28 April, humanitarian staff from a United Nations agency and a national non-governmental organization (NGO) were physically assaulted by youth in separate incidents in Torit town, Eastern Equatoria.

About four days before that on 24 April, in Jamjang in Ruweng Administrative Area, ‘youth entered an international NGO compound and physically attacked staff, resulting in multiple injuries.’

The Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, Alain Noudehou said, “Humanitarian organizations are working across South Sudan to deliver much-needed assistance to vulnerable communities.

Attacks against them are completely unacceptable and must stop. I urge authorities and communities to guarantee the safety and security of aid workers, and the Government to enforce law and order.”

Some organizations have been forced to relocate staff to safer areas and are limiting movements due to insecurity.

Activities have been suspended or scaled down, including critical health and nutrition assistance.

There are at least 140,000 people in dire need of humanitarian relief in the area.

Close to 237,000 people have been displaced by conflict in Darfur since the beginning of this year, more than four times the 53,000 people displaced by the conflict in all of 2020.

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