Global vaccine doses administered surpass billion mark

Cropped hand wearing a nitrile glove holding a Covid-19 vaccine vial and a syringe

Global COVID-19 vaccine doses that have been administered have surpassed the one billion mark.

A total of 1,021,300,000 vaccine doses have been administered globally, with 238,310,000 people being fully vaccinated. However that only accounts for three percent of the total global population.

India accounts for more than a third of these, with 138,000,000 doses administered and 21.4 million people fully vaccinated. This however only accounts for 1.6% of India’s population.

More than 147,000,000 coronavirus cases have been recorded worldwide, with another more than 84,400,000 recovering from the disease.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has now killed more than 3.1 million people worldwide since its outbreak.

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