Morocco seizes 4.7 tonnes of cannabis

Image of Cannabis plant. Photo taken in Charrour Nallah, India./ Getty Images
Cannabis plant growing in greenhouse. (Image: Getty)

Morocco’s security authorities on Friday seized 4.7 tonnes of cannabis in the northern city of Nador.

The banned substance was concealed in 47 packages inside a car at Dar El-Kebdani town, and 94 more packages were seized inside a house belonging to the traffickers, said a statement from the Moroccan police.

One person was arrested as an investigation is carried out to determine the trafficking routes of the seized drug.

Despite efforts to crack down on cannabis during the past decade, Morocco remains one of the world’s largest producers of the narcotic plant, according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

According to official statistics, the Moroccan security services seized 843 tonnes of cannabis, 48,457,548 units of psychotropic drugs, 2,212,674 units of ecstasy and over 3 tonnes of cocaine in the last three years.