Uganda rescues 29 Burundian girls, arrests 5 in human-trafficking racket

Ugandan police and other security forces chase people off the streets, after police cleared a stand of motorcycle taxis which are no longer permitted to operate after all public transport was banned for two weeks to halt the spread of the new coronavirus, in Kampala, Uganda Thursday, March 26, 2020. © AP Photo/Ronald Kabuubi

Ugandan police has rescued 29 Burundian girls and arrested five suspects involved in a human-trafficking racket in the east African country, a police spokesperson said here on Tuesday.

Charles Twiine, police spokesperson for criminal investigations directorate, told Xinhua by telephone that the Burundian girls were rescued while in transit to other countries for sex trade.

“We have rescued them (girls) and we have them here. I can’t know whether they came from Bujumbura, Ruhengeri or whatever part of Burundi,” said Twiine.

“Uganda is a transit route. We are trying to see how we can work on mechanisms of taking them back,” he said.

The police spokesperson said the suspects will be arraigned in court to answer to charges of human trafficking.

“Trafficking of girls is one of the dehumanizing crimes that is associated with sexual and labor exploitation,” said Twiine.