30 stranded dolphins rescued alive in Ghana

"two bottlenose dolphins swimming in the atlantic ocean at pico island, azores."

The local government assembly of Nzema East in Ghana’s Western Region said Thursday that 30 stranded dolphins had been rescued alive along the shores in the region and released into the sea.

A statement by the assembly said it received a tip-off from an eyewitness describing how the residents who were present when the mammals washed up the shore captured and sent home the huge number for domestic and commercial purposes.

It said around 200 dolphins were washed up to shore last week, and 68 of them were retrieved by the authorities. A total of 30 dolphins were rescued alive, while 38 dolphins had already been buried.

According to the statement, the municipal authorities said they were collaborating with the Fisheries Commission, the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, the Center for Coastal Management at the University of Cape Coast, the Food and Drugs Authority, and other relevant stakeholders in the investigations into the incident.