Ethiopia to start giving COVID-19 vaccine jabs to elderly people

Ethiopia receives 2.2M COVAX COVID-19 vaccines.
Source: Twitter, WHO Ethiopia.

Ethiopia plan to start giving COVID-19 vaccine jabs next week to those aged over 65 years old and those aged between 55 and 64 years old having underlying health conditions, the country’s Ministry of Health (MoH) disclosed Friday.

The issuance of the COVID-19 vaccine jabs to the people under the two age groups will start officially on Monday.

The MoH hope the latest measures will reduce the number of people dying from COVID-19 related illnesses, as well as reduce the numbers of patients currently being treated in intensive care units of medical institutions.

Ethiopia has recorded 208,961 COVID-19 cases and 2,890 COVID-19 related deaths by Thursday evening.

According to the MoH, the east African country currently has 46,633 active COVID-19 cases, of which 853 are under severe health conditions.


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