UN finds French airstrike in Mali killed 19 unarmed civilians


In a report published Tuesday March 30 by the Human Rights Division of the UN Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), the agency stated confirmed that a wedding ceremony was hit by a French airstrike in January.

The report says “the ceremony brought together a hundred civilians…Among which were five armed people, alleged members of the Katiba Serma.”

19 civilians were killed in the incident.

The French army has claimed to have hit only dozens of jihadists, during the strike near the village of Bounti on January 3.

Civilians however and a local association claimed that several civilians had died during a wedding.

France info reports that “there were several strikes, one after the other,” a witness to the bombing said in early February.

“When I came back I discovered the carnage, we couldn’t identify the victims.”

The report accuses the armies of having struck a rally “overwhelmingly made up of civilians” on January 3, killing 19 people.

AFP however reports that France has denied the UN findings that it killed civilians in Mali Air Strike.

(With input from Agencies)



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