Portugal to send 60 troops to besieged Mozambique

Fifty-two villagers killed by jihadists in northern Mozambique (AFP)

Portugal will send around 60 troops to its former colony Mozambique following an attack by Islamic State-linked jihadists on a key northern town of Palma, Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said.

“A team of around 60 Portuguese soldiers is getting ready… it will be sent to be on the ground in Mozambique in the coming weeks,” Santos Silva said in an interview with the state TV channel RTP late Monday.

“It will support the Mozambican army in training special forces.”

On Monday, Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attacks in Palma, the murders of Christians among them western citizens multiple Army outposts and the destruction of government buildings and banks. 

In a statement, ISIS claims the seizing of Palma, the attacks on the army since Wednesday and the assassinations of Christians “among them citizens of the countries of La Croix [western].

Among those killed ISIS claims are “citizens of Crusader States”

The Mozambican government said on Sunday that dozens of people had died.


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