Int’l working group voices concern over deteriorating electricity situation in Libya

24th of December Street in the Italian quarter of Libya's capital Tripoli. (Creative Commons / AP/Abdul-Jawad Elhusuni)
24th of December Street in the Italian quarter of Libya’s capital Tripoli. (Creative Commons / AP/Abdul-Jawad Elhusuni)

The co-chairs of the International Follow-up Committee on Libya Economic Working Group, along with the UN Support Mission to Libya, on Thursday, expressed concern over the deteriorating situation of the electricity sector in Libya.

“Without a swift allocation of funding to undertake urgent repairs, the electricity situation could worsen from early summer 2021,” the UN mission warned in a statement.

The economic working group co-chairs, including the European Union, the United States, and Egypt, noted that Libya direly needs funding for several causes, including combating COVID-19, paying salaries of public employees, and financing the operation of the Libyan National Oil Corporation, the statement said.

“We encourage all relevant Libyan decision-makers to collaborate in good faith to ensure that the necessary spending decisions can be taken urgently and effectively at this critical moment,” the statement added.

After years of armed conflict and instability, Libyan authorities are struggling to provide basic services for the people.

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