Cyclone Eloise makes landfall in central Mozambique

Courtesy: EUMETSAT

The tropical storm Eloise made landfall in central Mozambique on Saturday early morning with strong winds and intense rains, leaving a trail of destruction in the cities of Beira, Manica and Quelimane.

According to the state television TVM, the storm Eloise evolved into the category of cyclone over the Indian Ocean, bringing bad weather to the cities and causing the interruption of telecommunications, transportation, electricity and water.

“The bad weather left some houses without a roof, trees and electric poles overturned and advertising signs on the floor and there is no movement of people and cars on the streets,” said the television reporter in Beira, showing images of destruction.

A statement from the National Institute of Meteorology (INAM) indicated that the expected rains for the province of Sofala could be over 200 millimeters in 24 hours.

Flights for the affected provinces have already been canceled as a precautionary measure.

The intense rain caused by the storm brought down the bridge over the Save River (rio Save), an important land crossing that connects the center and north of the country, interrupting the traffic.

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