Somali army kills six militants in southern region

Somalia's army soldiers and peacekeepers from AMISOM enter the town of Barawe during the second phase of Operation Indian Ocean. (Getty) The expansion is thought to place the Kenyan military in a better position to face other large international militaries, and protect the country in the event of a foreign attack. Image courtesy: Strategic Intelligence Service
Somalia’s army soldiers and peacekeepers from AMISOM. (Getty Image)

Somali National Army (SNA) on Tuesday killed al-Shabab fighters in a security operation in Mara Adde neighborhood in the southern region of Lower Shabelle, a military commander confirmed on Wednesday.

Mohamed Tahlil Bihi, commander of Somali infantry division said the operation came after the locals protested from excessive enforced taxes ordered by the militants.

“Our forces conducted an operation targeting the hideouts of those militants and we killed six of them during an intense clash between the army and the militants,” Bihi said.

He added that the army also captured three al-Shabab fighters alive and destroyed bases used by the militants.

Southern and central regions of Somalia have seen clashes between government forces and al-Shabab extremists after the militants were chased out of the capital Mogadishu in August 2011 by Somali army and African Union forces.