Talk Africa: All eyes on the U.S.


Following is 2020 presidential election, the United States has had to face a growing number of challenges to its democratic institutions.

From allegations of voter fraud to uncertainty over when President Donald Trump will concede, the world is watching to see how strong the country’s democracy truly is.

The November 3rd election saw the highest voter turnout since 1990. Nearly 67 percent of registered voters turned up to make their voices heard.

Joe Biden has been declared by several media organisations as the winner of the election, with world leaders reaching out to congratulate him. But President Trump has once again bucked tradition, refusing to concede.

Despite this fracture, Biden, has vowed to unify the country and restore the soul of the U.S. Democracies around the world are now watching to see if he will be able to do just that.

This week on Talk Africa we will discuss the implications of this pivotal U.S. Presidential election for Africa.

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