Morocco foils attempt to smuggle 2.36 tons of cannabis

Close up of a cannabis plant
Close up of a cannabis plant. (Getty Images)

The Moroccan authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle 2.36 tons of cannabis from the port of Casablanca, the Moroccan police said in a statement on Friday.

The banned substance was concealed inside containers of minerals that were intended for export, the statement added.

The control operations, on Thursday night, of five containers intended for export to a Sub-Saharan African country led to the seizure of the drugs, the statement said without revealing the final destination of the drugs.

This operation is part of Morocco’s continuous efforts made to fight against international drug trafficking, it added.

Despite efforts to crack down on cannabis farming in the last decade, Morocco remains one of the world’s largest cannabis resin harvester.

Moroccan security services seized 179,657 kg of cannabis in 2019, according to official statistics.

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