Hundreds to lose jobs as motorcycle hailing app ‘Safeboda’ exits Kenya


As a result of the COVID-19 economic downturn, a motorcycle hailing app, Safe Boda is set to exit the Kenyan market, two years after starting operations.

In a notice issued on Monday, the Uganda-based tech startup said it would suspend its ride services from November 27

“While Nairobi is seeing some economic recovery from COVID-19, Boda transportation has been hit hard. This has meant our business cannot sustainably operate in this environment and, unfortunately, the timeline for a full recovery is not certain,” read part of the statement

The firm’s exit is expected to hit hard its community of users and business value chain which extends to more than 4,000 riders in Nairobi.

Customers have now been asked to exhaust their wallet balances before November 27 by taking rides and sending packages, however, the company has indicated that it will offer refunds to customers with balances beyond the exit day.

Despite the impending exit from Kenya, SafeBoda is expected to retain the rest of its continental footprint as it seeks to intensify its presence in other markets, including Uganda and Nigeria.

SafeBoda is a community of entrepreneurs and bodaboda riders built to revolutionize transportation, payments, and on-demand services in Africa’s cities.

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