Museveni launches reelection bid with plan to ‘Secure Uganda’s Future’

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who on March 23, 2020 said he is still assessing whether to ban public transport as part of his government’s efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. PHOTO | DAILY MONITOR

Uganda’s electoral body cleared President Yoweri Museveni to seek re-election, paving the way for one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders to extend his more than three-decade rule.

Museveni, 76, fulfilled all the requirements, Electoral Commission Chairman Simon Byabakama said Monday in the capital, Kampala.

On Tuesday, Museveni laid out his plan for the next five years in a manifesto themed, “Securing Your Future”.

His 2021-2026 agenda focuses on five key areas which include creating wealth and jobs, delivering education and health, ensuring justice and equity, protecting life and property, and achieving economic and political integration.

“My priorities are defense — we must always have a strong army, then I add electricity, roads and railway, health, education and paying government scientists well and wealth funds,” said Museveni.

He said after years of turmoil, it is the first time ever that Uganda has enjoyed more than three decades of uninterrupted stable democratic process based on the ruling party’s core principles of democracy, patriotism, pan-Africanism and socio-economic transformation.

“In order to accelerate Uganda’s socio-economic transformation, I appeal to you for a fresh mandate for NRM (National Resistance Movement) to continue leading the country,” said Museveni.

Legislators in 2017 voted to remove the age limit of 75, paving way for Museveni, who is now 76 to run for the presidency in the 2021 polls.

According to a previous law in the east African country, people over the age of 75 were not allowed to run for the presidency.

Story compiled with assistance from Xinhua News Agency and wire reports

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