Schools reopen in Cameroon after seven months of closure


Students flooded the streets of Cameroon heading to school on Monday morning, seven months after they were closed due to restrictions aimed to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The Central African country announced the reopening of schools after seven months of strict measures prepared by an expert committee.

The government said last week at a media briefing that it was well equipped for the upcoming school year while asking parents to be responsible and help children to abide by strict guidelines to keep the virus away.

Minister of Secondary Education Nalova Lyonga has assured that the government has taken enough measures to fight against the spread of the pandemic.

Students will be imparted lessons every day on the pandemic and guidelines to ensure they abide by measures like wearing the face mask and other preventative measures.

Temperatures of students and teachers will also be taken at the entrance of the school.

According to Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi, the higher education institutions will also open in the country on October 15.

Cameroon has recorded 20,924 coronavirus cases, with 19,764 recoveries and 420 deaths, according to Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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