Ugandan police station closed after officers show COVID-19 symptoms

Map of Uganda.PHOTO
Map of Uganda.PHOTO

Kampala Metropolitan Police on Thursday said it had closed one of its stations in the metropolitan north area.

Namalere Police Station was closed yesterday morning shortly after eight police officers at the station showed signs of Covid-19 infection, this was further confirmed by Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the closure of the station.

“We have temporarily closed Namalere Police Station because eight of our officers have shown and developed the signs of Covid-19. Police have started working with the Ministry of Health to cross-check with the contacts of our officers such that they are tested,” Onyango said.

The local chairperson, Fred Kiwanuka, told Daily Monitor that the community is scared because some residents had been interacting with the police officers.

“At Namalere Police Station here, the officer-in-charge was the first person to develop and show signs of Covid-19 and now there are eight more police officers. We are scared because members o