Mozambique to assess possibility of using TB vaccine for COVID-19

BCG tuberculosis vaccine vial. Getty Images
BCG tuberculosis vaccine vial. Getty Images

Health authorities in Mozambique will start conducting a study this month to assess the possibility of using the Tuberculosis vaccine to combat COVID-19 infections in the country, Radio Mozambique reported on Friday.

According to the report citing the research coordinator for acute respiratory infections and evasive bacterial diseases at Manhica Health Research Center in Maputo province, the study will be carried out among health professionals.

“These studies test the hypothesis that the vaccine may have a positive effect. Recent results that have emerged in the world indicating that the possibility of the Tuberculosis vaccine could have a positive effect in combating COVID-19,” said Tembe.

The official explained that the study is already funded and the center is currently waiting for authorization.

Mozambique is also expected to be part of a larger trial of COVID-19 vaccines developed by other countries, which is already underway in the world.

“Different countries, including China and the US, are working to create a vaccine to end COVID-19. We expect our center to be one of the institutions to be reached by the trials of these vaccines,” he said.

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