Tunisia’s new government passes confidence vote in parliament

Map of Tunisia

The Assembly of People’s Representatives, or parliament, granted on Tuesday its confidence to the new government led by Prime Minister-designate Hichem Mechichi, according to state TV.

Composed of 28 members, with 25 ministers and three secretaries of state, the new Tunisian government received 134 favourable votes and 67 rejections.

This cabinet is, for the most part, made up of independent national powers, including general managers, experts and academics as well as senior executives from the administration and the private sector.

According to Mechichi, who made a speech at a plenary session of the parliament devoted to the vote of confidence for his government on Tuesday, the new government will be “a government of action, achievement, efficiency and change that will seek innovative solutions.”

He added that the government would work to end the “haemorrhaging” of public finances, preserve the achievements of the public sector, and boost investments and purchasing power.

According to the Tunisian constitution, the new cabinet needs at least the votes of 109 out of 217 deputies.

Mechichi’s cabinet should take an oath in front of President Kais Saied this week.

It is noteworthy that this new government will be the third Tunisia has seen since October.

On Jan. 10, the government of Habib Jemli failed to win the confidence vote, giving way to Elyes Fakhfakh who obtained parliamentary confidence before submitting his resignation to President Saied in mid-July.

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