Mozambican gov’t to support 70,000 families through newly created agency

Some 70,000 families in northern Mozambique will benefit from the support of the recently created Northern Integrated Development Agency, Radio Mozambique (RM) reported on Tuesday.

Mozambican Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Celso Correia explained to RM that the families will receive socio-economic support that will guarantee a partial reconstruction of their lives.

“Farmers with agriculture will benefit from seeds, tools and access to market for their products. Meanwhile, people working in fisheries will receive boats and kits. The same will happen to woodworkers, who will receive support in their area of work. All of this will guarantee sustainable economic recovery to the population,” said the minister.

The minister also said that the northern region of Mozambique, where armed violence has been plaguing several districts in the province of Cabo Delgado, will soon recover.

“Growth in this rich region is unavoidable. We will do our best to guarantee that. No one who engages in armed violence and terrorist acts will thrive in our country,” he added.

The support given to the families is the first intervention of the recently launched agency.