Angola Internet population tops 6 million

Map of Angola. CGTN
Internet pic.PHOTO/Getty

More than 6.8 million people are now able to use Internet services in Angola, the country’s National Director of Telecommunications and Information Technology Matias Borges said on Friday.

A total of 6,857,062 users of Internet services have been registered across the country, Borges said, adding that 22,000 km of fiber optic has been installed in the country’s 18 provinces, whose services are covered by public and private telecommunication companies.

Borges explained that the strategic vision of the country is to continue developing telecommunications and communication infrastructure to help promote good governance, state reform, and modernization of the public administration.

“The goal is to enable the entire population to benefit from the advantages of telecommunications, even those people who live in the most remote areas of the country,” he said.

Angola plans to increase broadband capacity with the construction of a national network with 5.767 million km of fiber and to repair 1.553 million km of cables, Borges added.