Nigerian military kills six gunmen in Delta region security operation

Nigerian Army soldiers stand at a base in Baga on August 2, 2019. (Photo by AUDU MARTE / AFP) (Photo credit should read AUDU MARTE/AFP/Getty Images)
FILE PHOTO: Nigerian Army soldiers stand at a base in Baga. (Photo credit AUDU MARTE/AFP/Getty Images)

Six gunmen were killed and an unknown number of others were injured following a security operation by the Nigerian military in the oil-rich Bayelsa state, the military spokesman John Eneche said.

According to Eneche, the operation, named “Delta Safe” was carried out after soldiers received credible intelligence. A suspected pirate leader and an infamous kidnapping ring boss had been surveyed from Port Harcourt in Rivers State to their camp in Bayelsa.

Eneche said that the military flushed out suspected pirates, militants, and kidnappers from their dens resulting in a shootout which killed the six suspected criminals and leaving several others wounded.

“The gallant troops sustained the gunfight until they neutralized the pirates and militants ashore.”

The military also recovered three out of a possible five attacking boats from the gunmen.

Nigeria’s military has been waging a security campaign to restore law and order in various parts of the country to rid it of criminal activities such as banditry, kidnapping and terrorism.

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