Talk Africa: Libya’s Protracted War


It is a conflict that has now spanned almost a decade since former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was deposed in 2011.

What seemingly started out as a domestic uprising has over the years morphed into a front line for international proxy wars. Today, Libya is a bazaar of foreign illicit arms and mercenaries, in what is turning out to be a stage of gross international failure to bring peace to the people of Libya.

Multiple attempts to bring warring factions to an agreement are yet to bear fruit as the voice of the Libyan people continues to be drowned out in a myriad of international and domestic players’ interests and the United Nations now warns that time could be running out for the North African country.

So, what are the interests at play in Libya? Why does a peace deal remain elusive, and where is the voice of the African Union in the middle of all of this?

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