StarTimes, UNESCO in joint campaign against disinformation on COVID-19

Andy Wong Chief Executive officer StarTimes./Photo by CGTN-Africa Digital

Chinese pay television company StarTimes said on Thursday it has joined UNESCO’s campaign against disinformation and misinformation on COVID-19.

Luis Lu, vice president of StarTimes Group, said in a statement that to further promote the best works of the campaign, access to the top ten winners’ videos will be available on StarTimes ON, the streaming video APP used by over 20 million users across Africa.

“To join the campaign against fake news on COVID-19 is part of the long term collaboration with UNESCO, we hope to further contribute to the local cultural development in the near future. As a leading media group operating in Africa, we understand the responsibility to communicate true messages in time as we leverage on our network resources to reach the majority of the population,” Lu said.

He observed that the COVID-19 pandemic does not just present a health challenge but also brings a potential danger in regular communication as a result of distortion of relevant information which also affects mental health.

He noted that the campaign against disinformation and misinformation on COVID-19 provides a platform for the creative interpretation of the importance of authentic information regarding the pandemic.