10 rescued from boat accident in Lagos, Nigeria

Carter Bridge, Lagos, Nigeria
Carter Bridge spans the Lagos Lagoon in Nigeria’s largest city. Boat accidents are common in Lagos, where many rely on irregular transportation to navigate the city’s waterways. (Photo via Getty Images)

Ten people have been rescued after a boat capsized in Lagos, Nigeria’s economic hub on Tuesday evening, according to local officials.

The boat took off from Lagos Island going to the Ikorodu area of the state before it capsized, said Ibrahim Farinloye, coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in a statement reaching Xinhua on Wednesday.

Farinloye said nine adult males and a female were involved in the incident and were rescued from the water alive with the special support by operators and volunteers, who pulled resources together and rescued the passengers.

Also confirming the incident, Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, general manager of the Lagos State Waterways Authority, said the authority was still compiling information about the accident and the cause.

In Lagos, boat accidents are frequently reported, with the most recent one claiming at least seven lives on July 3. Officials blamed the incident on poor visibility and illegal sailing time.

Also on June 23, a local boat with four adult males on board capsized due to water turbulence; three of the passengers were rescued while one was missing.