Kenya seeks to remove roadblocks to ease movement of goods across borders

Map of Kenya.
Map of Kenya.

Kenya has committed to the removal of all roadblocks along the Northern Corridor, a trade route linking the landlocked countries of the Great Lakes Region with its seaport of Mombasa to ease movements of goods and people across the region.

Margaret Mwakima, principal secretary in the State Department for Regional and Northern Corridor Development said on Tuesday Nairobi will also expand and upgrade transport infrastructure to promote intermodal transport for both goods and movement of people to enhance trade in the region.

“There is urgent need to come up with new initiatives to reduce the period track drivers stay at different transit nodes such as border stations, ports, weighbridges and container terminals along the Northern Corridor to fast track movement of goods,” Mwakima told a virtual meeting in Nairobi

The Kenyan official, who chaired the 49th meeting of the Northern Corridor Transit Transport Coordination Authority Executive Committee, said Kenya has plans to expand and upgrade the northern corridor road networks, inland container depots, construction and refurbishment of ports and oil pipelines.